That's exactly the same error.

The only thing that jumps out at me is that the code in comx is using
synchronous XML-HTTP transfers, it isn't changing the UA, and isn't
checking for errors, which can all cause issues.

If the UA isn't changed you may end up where the server flat-out rejects
attempts to connect from the MS XmlHttp object (mine does).

Synchronous transfers can cause stale or broken connections if the
connection is refused or for any other reason the server doesn't return
content. Finally, without error trapping, there's no way to tell what
the error could be.

I'm going to put this on my short list for rewriting it to make it do
all of the above. It's a lot of code though, so no guarantees it'll
happen right away. On the plus side, it'll be more modular, so new
comics should be a lot easier to add. ;)

Meanwhile, if you look at the rssx search I wrote (lines 42-56), which
comx is based on, you'll see a much better way to handle the remoting


> -----Original Message-----
> From: brian [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> Sent: Monday, November 10, 2008 4:38 PM
> To: DQSD users mailing list
> Subject: Re: [DQSD-Users] comx /dilbert access denied
> Charlie / Shawn --
>     I am assuming that you reloaded the xml searches in DQSD 
> by typing a single "!" character in the search box, after 
> replacing the 
> comx.xml file (otherwise, you're still running the old search).
>     That being said, is the "access denied" message you're 
> receiving similar to the one I've attached to this message?  If so, 
> welcome to my office-based hell.  I started getting this 
> message doing any comx query after a windows policy update on 
> my office 
> computer.  comx still worked fine on the WindowsXP machine I 
> had at home at the time.
>     Kim -- this may be where you come (back) in to the 
> conversation --- if they're seeing the same thing, it's the 
> issue I was 
> trying to explain I was having several months ago, and could 
> no longer get (for instance) comx to work properly on my machine at 
> work.  There's something in the configuration of internet 
> access, Windows XP, or some policy therein that prevents the comx.xml 
> script (and, perhaps, others as well) from working as they 
> should.  Instead, I see the error message I've attached to this note.
>     I no longer have a Windows machine at home, so that's why 
> I have no way to test the changes I've made to the comx.xml file.  I 
> am fairly confident they work, though, as I made similar 
> changes to my comx.php program, which I specifically wrote to 
> run on my web 
> server so that I could still get a single page with all my 
> comics on it from my machine at work (and, as a bonus, can 
> also get from 
> any non-windows [thus incapable of running DQSD] machine).  :)
> did change the entire layout of their site on 
> November 3, and all of the comics hosted there stopped working 
> (including dilbert, which changed a bit more radically than 
> the rest).   As a result of those changes, I rewrote the 
> portion of my 
> php program that fetched comics from, and it now 
> works.  The changes I made to comx.xml mimic the changes I made to my 
> php program... that said, they should work.  :)   I've also 
> sent the comx.xml to a friend of mine that was able to use 
> DQSD and comx 
> on his computer before, and I'll let you know if he has any 
> problems with this new update.
> anyway... I've rambled on enough here.   attached is the 
> error screenshot from my work machine (where comx.xml doesn't 
> work, nor has 
> it for several months) -- Shawn, Charlie -- I'd appreciate 
> your input on this thread as to whether that's the same 
> message you're 
> now seeing...
> Charlie Russel wrote:
> > Unfortunately, so a I. :(
> > Charlie.
> >
> >
> > 
> > ----- Original Message ----- 
> > From: "Shawn K. Hall" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > To: "'DQSD users mailing list'" <>
> > Sent: Monday, November 10, 2008 1:11 AM
> > Subject: Re: [DQSD-Users] comx /dilbert access denied
> > 
> > 
> > I'm still getting access denied. :(
> > 
> > -Shawn
> > 
> > 
> >> -----Original Message-----
> >> From: Kim Gräsman [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> >> Sent: Monday, November 10, 2008 12:44 AM
> >> To: DQSD users mailing list
> >> Subject: Re: [DQSD-Users] comx /dilbert access denied
> >>
> >> Hi guys,
> >>
> >> I'm listening, so I'll commit it as soon as someone 
> verifies that it
> >> works better than the old one.
> >>
> >> Thanks,
> >> - Kim

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