There are a number of ways, perhaps the handiest is using the Quick  
Search Frequency Tool (qsfreq.xml). However this is not enabled by  
default, you must add 'qsfreqLogSearchFrequency = 1' to your  
localprefs.js file. Once you have a log built up you can use qsfreq  
with the /disable_unused switch to disable all searches not recorded  
in the frequency log.

Arguably the best (though it requires some legwork) is Monty's Search  
Disabler - linked at - I use  
this myself.

Good luck,


> Is there a quick way to disable a bunch of searches? I think DQSD is slowing
> down my boot time so I'd like to disable most of the searches since I don't
> use them.
> Thanks, and happy new year!
> Sarah

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