I've been concerned about this.  I wish I could help with the development.

I could live with a gadget as long as Windows+S still brought it to the
foreground and gave its edit box focus (maybe even pasted the current
selection or clipboard contents in there...).  I'd also love the searches
with popup windows to continue to work.  (Like mwd /popup used to, and the
newer, unreleased, df search does.)

Ideally, though, I'd like to have its edit box always be present so that I
could navigate to it via mouse, too, as it is on the Taskbar in current
Windows OSes.  I realize that that may be too much to ask for, though.

This is the *only* thing that makes me hesitant about Windows 7.  That's how
important DQSD is.


On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 12:48 PM, Charlie Russel <char...@scribes.com>wrote:

> I haven't even tried on Win7. Given  the changes in the task bar, I'm not
> confident that it would work. We are really up against it at this point, and
> I think we need to find a way to work within the MS guidelines if we don't
> want to face this every time they ship a new version. Perhaps as a Windows
> Gadget?
> Charlie.
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