Hi James,

On Tue, 26 May 2009 17:57:05 -0400, you [James Nix] wrote:

}Which version of Win 7 64 bit are you running?
}What is your UAC setting?

This is the RC version.  I believe that I have turned the UAC off. I
am in Vista at the moment, but will check later and if different will
let you know.

I cheated a little on the Win 7 install of DQSD.  I originally
installed the 64bit version on Vista and extracted the distribution to
a folder I named DQSD64 in the root.  I then ran the DQSDx64.cmd
application from a DOS console which installed DQSD in the Program
Files folder.

For Win 7 I just copied the Vista root DQSD64 folder across to the Win
7 root and ran the DQSDx64.cmd in a DOS console.

My Win 7 DQSD is running fine - the only exception is the lack of
control of the taskbar window.

Hope some of this helps...

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