I was surprised to stumble across this.  I must have missed the email to the
user's distro list. 


"DQSD is finally released (it has been in beta for three years, and
no significant changes have been made). This version adds native x64
support, and now incorporates over 400 different search engines. This is not
a security update.



"This version adds native x64 support", when I check the Sourceforge site it
states the release incorporates "Win64" support.


1)  Does that support include x64 versions of XP, Vista and Windows 7?

2)  If I instruct people to download the installation executable (the EXE
file not the ZIP).  Will it install and run on all 3 flavors of 64-bit
Windows with no further assistance?


Please advise,


Muad Dib

aka:  Jim



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