Run it?  Or do you mean install it?

Installing DQSD in Win7 64 bit:

Instructions still work as written.  

Jim (aka: Muad Dib)

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Is there any easy way to run DQSD on Windows 7?


Thanks so much, I'd really appreciate any input.








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From: Frederick \(Gene\) Grinder <> 

Date: 6/26/2012 2:07:14 PM


Subject: [DQSD-Users] escape separator in *aliases.txt?


In my local aliases file I want to put something like this:


grep|run grep -nrie "%s" c:\|gvim -


Note that that second | is intended to be part of my command.  Obviously
this isn't working as I want, since that | is actually acting as the field


Is there a way to "escape" that character?  I tried to use \|, and also ^|
(a la MSDOS), but neither seemed to work.  Is there another way?



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