I can confirm that there's no no-brainer installer for Win 7 64 bits. A pity, but maybe there's a good reason to it ?


Le 27/06/2012 09:24, James Nix a écrit :


Well it is not THAT hard. Just follow the steps. Mostly circumventing Win7 security gotchas.

DQSD 64-bit did not have a "simple" EXE install kit for any 64-bit MS OS, XP or Vista much less Win 7 for a long time and I don't believe that it does now. Someone on this mailing list might correct me. So the "tradition" of installing DQSD 64-bit manually has a long history. The instructions I wrote up simply provide the steps specific to Win7 64-bit security and its quirky use of IE 32 bit on 64 bit machine. ( I know WHY MS does it, but DQSD does not know that it does it).

I tried an EXE version that was supposed to be compatible a while back but it was not. Don't know how that one was tested....

So to answer your question, 64-bit was never a "snap" only 32 bit because an installation EXE never existed.

To my knowledge it still does not. Nobody ever "packaged" one that I know of.

To answer your previous question I have not personally tested it with Firefox, Chrome... I believe others have and nobody ever said it that it does not work. I know it works with Sea Monkey! 8-)

Let me know if you have any specifci questions.


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Jim! I am Microsoft Certified.  Not a programmer/developer  Hahahaha.

I just went to the website with all the info for installing DQSD and now my head is spinning. Hahahahaha

The Windows XP DQSD was a /SNAP/. This one for Windows 7 64 bit, requires _more_ savvy. Hahahaha

How come DQSD for Windows 7 can't be as easy as XP?

Is there a video tutorial on how to install DQSD on Windows 7 64 bit?

Just wondering.  Hey!  Maybe you ought to make one.  Hahahaha  j/k.

Thanks again for the info,


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Run it?  Or do you mean install it?

Installing DQSD in Win7 64 bit:


Instructions still work as written.

Jim (aka: Muad Dib)

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Is there any easy way to run DQSD on Windows 7?

Thanks so much, I'd really appreciate any input.


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*/Subject:/*[DQSD-Users] escape separator in *aliases.txt?

In my local aliases file I want to put something like this:

grep|run grep --nrie "%s" c:\|gvim --

Note that that second | is intended to be part of my command. Obviously this isn't working as I want, since that | is actually acting as the field separator.

Is there a way to "escape" that character? I tried to use \|, and also ^| (a la MSDOS), but neither seemed to work. Is there another way?


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