Yes, there is a T-R switch in her setup.

The transmitter is a Globe Chief 90 with keying modifications, driving an 813 
GG amp.

There are changes made by Drake in 2-B s/n's 2000 - 6290 that are referred to 
in the ad.

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73, Garey - K4OAH
Glen Allen, VA

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Roger VE7LB wrote:

Hi All,

I looked at an enlarged version of the Ad below. Both of the boxes, located on either side of the 2B, look similar to (but not exactly like) my B&K 381 Electronic T-R switch. A B&W T-R switch could easily do 60 WPM as there is no relay to slow it down. The one on the left appears to have an angle coax connecor on the edge of it's right front panel.


Roger VE7LB

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I understood she didn't use any TR switch. This is from 1962.

Bob W5GU

On 2/14/14 2:22 PM, lane denune wrote:

     Hi Drakelist Gang ; Got a really sweet 2B receiver from a Drake List 
contributor a couple of weeks ago. What a
    great little rig! Not much to look at, never made a matching transmitter to 
go with it, but the 2BQ is a really
    nice addition to it's performance. The 2B's really can dig out the weak 
one's and I am impressed! If I can catch a
    signal, I can make adjustments to the rig and add some finishing touches 
with the 2BQ peaking Q multipiler. So
    nice not to have that hollow/echo sound of an IF filter or DSP (Timewave 
599+). Its' sound is soft and mellow or
    can be made piercingly sharp.
     Anyway, enough of my ranting and raving...Does anyone recall the XYL CW op 
who used her 2B for 60wpm CW QSO's? It
    was a Drake advertisement in a '64 issue of QST. Drake instructed the 
reader to write to them to find out about
    the TR switching arrangement she was using for flawless QSK @ 60wpm with 
her 2B.. Accoring to the ad, she was
    asked by Drake's engineering dept. to help them develop and test features 
and performance improvements when they
    were designing the proto-types.
     What was the TR switching arrangement she was using? Currently I am 
running QSK CW with a Johnson TR switch and
    it is doing a FB job but this is one of those "mysteries" that I would like 
to have the answer to.
      73 from Lane.  de n8aft in Columbus, Ohio

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