Conventional wisdom is that Lee #172 "Lagoon Blue" theatrical gel is a very
close match. A few bucks for a sheet at a theater supply house or on eBay will
net you a lifetime supply. Dave, KD2E, has provided information to the effect
that Roscolene #853 is the ORIGINAL Drake filter material. You can see both
colors together here:



On Sun, 15 Mar 2015 09:56:26 -1000, Rob Hinz wrote:

>Does anyone know of a source for the blue filter material for the Drake dials 
>and meters? 
>I see that Mike Sever, KG9BV, was supplying these at one time, but I have been 
>unable to reach him by email or telephone after several attempts. I hope he is 
>Rob - KH6NX

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