On Fri, 22 May 2015 12:16:02 -0500, Tom Hendrix wrote:

>I am looking for a AF/RF gain control, which includes the on/off switch
>for my TR-7.

Unobtanium unless you want to pay eBay prices to the "tin man" radio strippers.
Otherwise you will need to rebuild it using parts from similar controls.

>Also, the TR-7 is getting lazy about switching back to receive from transmit
>on both CW and SSB.  I suspect the T/R relay because I can repeatedly
>switch back and forth and it will eventually receive properly.  Is cleaning
>and/or burnishing the contacts on these typically enough to solve this
>problem, or does this usually require replacement?

You could certainly try to clean it, but replacements are readily available if
you would rather go that route. It could also be that you have a touchy Molex
connector on a PC board somewhere. Cleaning/DeOxit-ing the Molex connectors
often solves intermittent problems in 7-Line gear.



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