Looking for advice on how to pursue fixing a new issue with my B-Line. I wasn't even sure how to name or categorize it.

I will post a recording of the sound of the problem which may help in analysis. It's a problem that suddenly appeared without me making any changes, so I initially trued tube substitution with some success, but not continuing success. I replaced V9 and the rig seemed stable for quite a while. I exercised PTT with not problems, but after half-hour of idle time, I closed the PTT line, and when released, the problem had returned.

All switches have been cleaned in the last year or so, and up until this started, things have worked well, with only the loss of sidetone on CW as an unresolved problem with this pair. I mention it, just in case it may be relevant. Prior to that, I used CW on this rig very infrequently, but have had several years of excellent performance.

There are short videos at:


This problem is in SSB only I have not attempted relay contact cleaning, but this seems like a component value drift, or capacitor leakage type issue.

My hope is that someone has already experienced this problem, and solved it.

Thanks for any analysis and suggestions...

*73, Mark, K4SO
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