There's nothing special about the Drake Q multiplier.  You should be  able 
to use just about any 455 KHz Q multiplier with the 2B.  The Heathkit  
various versions are plentiful and work well (I have one hooked one up to my  
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Greetings from Glen Forrest, Western Australia!
I have a nice Drake 2B here, for which I’ve been looking for a 2AQ/2BQ Q  
Multiplier for some time. 
After coming to the conclusion that there were a heap of other 2B owners  
all looking for 2BQs and the chance of finding one was probably less than 
zero  at a price I could afford, it occurred to me that I could find a nice old 
 external speaker and build a Q multiplier inside it.  
My other conclusion was if any had built a Q multiplier for a 2B, this  
list was a really good place to ask about designs, parts and ideas!
Please, if anyone has done this or has any ideas about doing this, could  
they drop me a line?
Thank you!
Vy 73

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