On Fri, 11 Sep 2015 09:55:25 -0500, DW. Anderson wrote:

>Greetings to the group, thanks to you fixed last issue with the tr7, have new 
>issue , when I tune the radio in am, go to switch to CW, rtty, ssb lose audio 
>, meter is showing signals coming in and in transmit showing power out, but to 
>audio, any thoughts ?

Sounds like you are losing the BFO. Since it affects both CW and SSB I would
suspect the signal path between pin 40 of the PBT/Ref board and pin 40 of the
2nd IF/Audio board. Probably one of those pesky Molex connectors. Often just
pulling the board up and re-seating will clear problems like this, but a little
dab of DeOxit on all the pins wouldn't hurt. Don't spray, it will go everywhere
that you don't want it.



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