I am thinning the herd so my bride will not have to deal with so much stuff.  I 
am offering for sale my Drake 4 series station.  I have the R-4C, T-4XC, a C-4 
station console, an FS-4 and a rebuilt AC-4 with the MS-4 speaker.  
The R-4C was new in 1973.  It has the following Sherwood Mods: IC Product 
Detector, Custom front panel switch, and CF-600/6 and relay switch kit.  The 
radio looks good with only ordinary wear and tear expected for its age.  Works 
to specs. $550.
The T-4XC puts out 70 watts on 20m.  May need new driver.  I have a new (NOS) 
set of finals and driver tubes that I will include.  The rig looks good, again 
with ordinary wear and tear.  $450.
The C-4 looks good.  I have the remote antenna switch, which works, and the 
power strip which needs a new heavy duty power cord.  The clock actually works. 
 The seconds wheel numbers have some minor damage at the 60 second point, but 
not bad. The rest of the counter looks good. $300.
FS-4 works, and looks good.  I don't have the original connection cable, but 
I'll include a homebrew cable that works fine.  One of the panel light bulbs 
needs replacing.  $450.
AC-4, with KE9PQ rebuild, enclosed in an MS-4 cabinet with speaker.  AC-4 $175.
MS-4 $100.
I would prefer selling as a package for $2025 plus shipping.  I will only sell 
the FS-4 in conjunction with a sale of the R-4C  These are nice units and have 
served me well.  

 K0GFY  R. Hunter Ellington 720-560-8139 P.O. Box 44 Larkspur, CO 80118
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