I have two AC4s that I have modified with the upgrade kit from:  
One supply has the old 2 prong AC plug (#1), the other a modern 3 prong 
Both work FB with a TR4, but neither work with a T-4XC.  I was under the 
impression that any AC4 would work with either. 
With AC4 #1, when I connect the Jones plug to the T-4XC, then insert the AC 
plug in the wall, the CB for that circuit immediately pops (this happens with 
the power on switch on the TX in the OFF position). 
With AC4#2, the TX powers up OK, filaments light but the TX does nothing, 
cannot set the idle current (no meter reading) no meter indications in any tune 
mode or RF on an external wattmeter. 
The main question then, is the power connector wiring on the TX different from 
the TR?  Remember, both these supplies work FB on a TR4.  
Any thoughts? 
Barry - W1HFN 
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