That sounds like a very good idea to me! I hope that somebody will pick up the 
idea and start the work to realize it.


I’m not sure if I gonna make it to come over for The Hamvention next year. But 
the hotel is booked, just in case…. J

It would by the way be my 15th Hamvention.


73 de LA6OP (AC8TW)



Fra: Drakelist [] På vegne av Greg N9NWO
Sendt: 6. november 2016 02:45
Emne: [Drakelist] Having a Drake Collectors booth at Dayton next year.


Would anyone be interested in having a Drake Collectors booth at Dayton?  The 
Collins folks have one.  


We could use it as a meeting place as well as a place to show off equipment 
plus sell gear.



(Drake TR7 station)

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