Hello all. Just testing the water here. I have some Drake equipment including a 
C-Line, two tranceivers and external VFO's, a tuner, and speakers ,power 
supplies, etc. I was wondering if there is a good Kenwood tech here. I have a 
very nice looking TS-930 with all the bells and whistles that has a blown power 
supply. I do not know what else could be wrong with it. I need to scale down my 
equipment and just have one nice rig to use, so I would love to get the 930 
back on the air. It has a very special value to me because my late brother, 
WA4CFG left it to me. I think RF Parts or Mouser Electronics may have the parts 
to repair the 930. If it can not be fixed, then I would entertain some trade 
deals for a nice newer tranceiver. Thanks to all. 73 W4RXN Wayne
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