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Verzonden: donderdag 26 januari 2017 19:11
Aan: Drakelist@zerobeat.net
Onderwerp: [Drakelist] Drakes for sale


Hello members. I am sort of in a dilemma. I have a number of
 Drakes that must go.

3 TR7's  with PS7. 

1 TR5 no supply

1Extrnder kit

1 MN2000

1 MN2700

1 RV7 and X4 stabilizer kit not installed.(mint)

1 L7 with good tubes and pwr supply with Harbach upgrade.

1 R4B solid state with 2 tubes left.

1 T4X mint

Various drake parts and manuals.

My problem is I'm pushing 80 and bit cripple and cannot pack for shipping.

They will have to be picked up.

I will let them all go for $2000.00.

For more information please email me. OK on QRZ.com



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