Early this week I sent this message to another list but got a very boring
yawn (no replies) so I will ask here in the hopes that someone can
enlighten me.

I have not tried to align any of my Drake twins before but find that I have
to do something to get them back to transceiving on the correct frequency.
I have been looking at the R4C manual (although I don't have the exact one
for my exact series.  At any rate, in the manual it says:
Apply signal of exactly 50khz to pin 1 of V4.
Connect signal generator to pin 1 of V2.
Set generator to exactly 5645.000khz

My question is,  when hooking up the counter and signal generator do I need
to isolate/decouple them (and how...10pf series capacitor?) or is a direct
connection ok?

Thank you.

Jim Pruitt
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