Hi Robert,

The National Semiconductor part number is NSN382. I have them new for $25 
postpaid from Canada to the US. If possible please take a look at the rear of 
the 2 digit LED  display. You will find a number like 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 etc. This 
is the relative brightness of the display. The higher the number the brighter 
the display. The most common is 2.0. Please give me this number so I can match 
your LED.


Please reply off list.



Roger VE7LB


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Does anyone know a cross reference Part Number for the Drake TR-7

2 digit, MHz, LED display on the DR-7 board?


The Drake Part Number is 3080021.

These are the two red seven segment LED  numeric displays used to

Display the MHz digits in the Frequency Counter.

One digit has 2 segments, that don’t work.

The other digit has a different 2 segments, that don’t work. 


Regards, Robert Sisco K5LYT Wednesday


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