Tony, check CR19 in the cathode circuit of the 12BY7 driver. You can check it 
with the rig unpowered (safest method) with a VOM or DMM in the resistance 
mode. The diode may test OK when cold. Touch a soldering iron to either end of 
the diode. If the diode is intermittent, the heat will cause the diode to open. 
It happened to one of my T-4XCs. I replaced the B5G5 diode with a 1N4003 (or 
73 ES GL,Bob K9JUMaryville, TN

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please disregard this
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Subject: [Drakelist] Additions and Changes to DrakeList Resources
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DrakeList - New Resources
The Old Web based forum of the updates managed to mangle the
database.  Sorry, all content was lost, and the automatic backup was of the
mangled system...

Drakelist New Forum

Please feel free to join and participate.

Because of support chores of one nature or another, I participate in
Facebook.  I've created a Facebook Page and a Group for your use:

Drakelist Facebook page
shortened version

Drakelist Facebook Group page
Shortened version

Possible Addition
I am considering setting up a mailing would be a one-way affair
used to notify list members of changes/additions/events that may be of
interest to Drake users.
Let me know your thoughts on that.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in these new venues.

Thom K3HRN
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Subject: [Drakelist] T4XC Drive at grid of finals
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Hello All,

I have no output on any band. This problem has been intermittent now is 
all the time. I have just one replacement 6jb6 so I swapped them one and 
the other. There is a correct bias current at idle. I checked the grid 
of? 6jbs's it was measured at 2.5 VoltsPP. My scope measures freq by 
measuring the time between two peaks. It comes out to be the frequency 
of operation or in this case 3700 Khz. I have gone through the alignment 
I found them a little difficult without repeating them again.

What voltage should I see at the grid of the finals?

Thanks, Tony WA6LZH


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