Good Evening GentlemenRecently I have been appointed to dispose of a lifetime 
collection of Vintage Drake Equipmenton the behalf of the widow of my friends 
estate. I am very reluctant to dispose of this huge collection via onlinemarket 
places like Ebay. The majority of the equipment is in working order but some 
have faults whichrequire the knowledge of an experienced Drake engineer to 
resolve problems with the transceivers.I would love to be able to advertise as 
excellent working to ensure the best prices are obtained for the estateand that 
the equipment owned by my SK friend continues ownership  in the hands of a 
fellow amateur.I would appreciate any assistance in locating Engineers / 
Amateurs who have experience repairingDrake TR7 & 7A , TR4 , TR4C , TR4CW with 
RIT AC-4 PSU and RV-4 VFO's I am located in the UKin the County of 
Northumberland. I thank you in advance for any help you may be able to 
provide.If any fellow amateur / Drake enthusiast is interested in purchasing 
any of the equipment and require a full appraisal please advise me.
Very Best Regards Robin G4IWJ 
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