Dear Wendy, 

Your suggestions for conference 2000 are excellent and I think we should
set aside some time during the Free time (!) that we may have in Wshington.
 Not only are we going to step into a new millenum ,but we 'll 

 celebrate the 100th anniversary of the publication of Freud's
Inerpretation of dreams. So some of the topics you suggest are timely. I
organized for the Asheville conference a symposium on The future of dream
research. We could talk about it. I hope Mark Blagrove will be able to
attend the board meeting because he has some ideas also.  

I hope Flloyd is not a threath to your area... See you soon. Monique

At 14:26 99-09-07 -0400, you wrote:
>               Kelly -
>               In Santa Cruz we talked briefly about having some the
>honored "elders of dream work" (I use the term for lack of a better one)
>participate in some special way at the 2000 conference.  I'd like to pursue
>this and a few other rough ideas with you.  I would love your feedback!
>*      Have a panel where participants present what they feel are the most
>momentous advances and/or biggest changes in dream work in the past 100
>years and where they see it heading in the next 100.
>*      Have a "bridging the millenniums" panel with people who have been
>the backbone of dream research in the past along with those who are picking
>up the standard and carrying it on.  What's the same?  What's different?
>What are the hopes and concerns?  Where will dream work be 100 years from
>now?  We could honor some of our long-time members and be futuristic at the
>same time.
>*      Institute a "Lifetime Achievement" award to honor people whose work
>has spanned a lifetime.  It could be an annual event - like the Lifetime
>Achievement awards in Hollywood.  This would be to honor some of our older
>members, hopefully during their lifetimes, although it could be
>posthumously.  The plaque or trophy or whatever wouldn't have to cost a lot
>- but it would be a wonderful way to honor people's contributions over long
>periods of time.  Picking the first person would be the hardest part.
>*      Create some kind of ASD "time capsule" to be opened in 2010 or
>whenever.  Not sure exactly how it would work, but it could be a lot of fun.
>               Hope all is gong well with you.  Looking forward to seeing
>you at the board meeting.
>               All the best -
>               Wendy

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