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On 05/08/17 01:43, Laurent Pinchart wrote:
> Hello,
> This patch series is a third version of the code previously posted as
> "[PATCH v2 00/29] Remove the omapdrm and omapdss devices from platform code".
> The omapdss/omapdrm initialization code is quite a mess. The physical devices
> are instantiated from DT, but two virtual devices named omapdrm and omapdss
> are instanciated from platform code to pass various pieces of platform data to
> the drivers.
> The omapdrm and omapdss platform devices are currently used to pass data and
> function pointers from board code to the drivers for the purpose of
> - identifying the OMAP SoC revision
> - controlling the DSI pads
> - configuring bus throughput
> It turns out that all these can be handled in the omapdrm and omapdss drivers
> without the need for platform data.
> - The SoC revision is used to identify the version of various DSS IP cores,
> which can instead be done through compatible string matching (with the help of
> soc_device_match() in two cases where ES version is needed).
> - The DSI pads control can be performed by the driver directly without calling
> board code, accessing the related registers through syscon.
> - Bus throughput control is implemented in mach-omap2 as a no-op, so we can
> just drop the code.
> This patch series starts with a new patch that fixes soc_device_match() usage
> on OMAP2+. It turned out that OMAP2+ registers SoC device attributes at late
> init time, making soc_device_match() impossible to use for drivers at probe
> time, which is unfortunately the location where the feature is most needed.
> The next five patches (02/35 to 06/35) are small and simple unneeded or unused
> code removal. The next two patches (07/35 and 08/35) are cleanups that make
> sense by themselves and will be needed by later refactoring.

I've picked patches 2-8 (inclusive). I think those can be applied
already, even if the rest of the series would need more work.

Patch 9 doesn't compile, it's referring to DSI_MODEL_OMAP4 which is not


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