On 08/08/17 16:02, Laurent Pinchart wrote:

>> Patch 9 doesn't compile, it's referring to DSI_MODEL_OMAP4 which is not
>> defined.
> I might have forgotten to compile-test all patches individually after 
> reordering them, I'm sorry for that. I'm fixing that now. If you can push 
> your 
> -next branch with patches 2-8 I can rebase on top of that, otherwise I'll 
> keep 
> the v4.13-rc2 base.

Please keep them based on v4.13-rc for now. There are still some patches
in my current branch of which I'm not 100% sure if I should push them
(the OMAP_BO flags patches, ping on them ;), so I might end up rebasing.


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