I'm not seeking any secret info.
I'm a Gentoo Linux user who wants to run some massively parallel
I'm unwilling to wait and see what kind of support Linux gets because
the annoying bitcoin miners tend to cause the price to go through the roof
My current card is an AMD SI HD7780 by MSI.
I know that currently some form of headless support already exists, but
then I'd have to use crossfire (which does not work with the opensource
driver AFAIK).
I filed a ticket at AMD on 05/07/17 but AMD has not gotten back to me on
this matter and like I said, if I wait then I risk having to buy
something way out of my price range.
--And I really have tried to wait till the last minute--
Anything official or unofficial will do.
I am planning to use the OpenCL language to do my MP experiments.


BTW: I got the emails to CC from the discussion:
[RFC] Using DC in amdgpu for upcoming GPU
so don't worry that I have an email harvester or something.

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