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> > From: David Niklas []
> > Hello,
> > I'm not seeking any secret info.
> > I'm a Gentoo Linux user who wants to run some massively parallel
> > experiments.
> > I'm unwilling to wait and see what kind of support Linux gets because
> > the annoying bitcoin miners tend to cause the price to go through the
> > roof quickly.
> > My current card is an AMD SI HD7780 by MSI.
> > I know that currently some form of headless support already exists,
> > but then I'd have to use crossfire (which does not work with the
> > opensource driver AFAIK).
> > I filed a ticket at AMD on 05/07/17 but AMD has not gotten back to me
> > on this matter and like I said, if I wait then I risk having to buy
> > something way out of my price range.
> > --And I really have tried to wait till the last minute--
> > Anything official or unofficial will do.
> > I am planning to use the OpenCL language to do my MP experiments.  
> I'm not quite sure what you are asking.  We released initial open
> source support for vega10 months ago and it continues to evolve as new
> SKUs are launched. 

I used AMD pro stack for sometime before the AMDGPU driver evolved to
something useful. Believe me, I do well to ask[1].

> It is expected that you can get a complete working
> stack in open source at launch time for whatever sku you are interested
> in.  Not all of the patches are upstream, but they are all public.

Is the opensource driver you're thinking of at the url that harry gave
What it the state? (beta, alpha, etc.).
About how complete is it with respect to the other opensource GCN drivers?

> OpenCL support is provided by the ROCm stack which you can get from the
> gpuopen site.

"We do not support ROCm with PCIe Gen 2 enabled CPUs such as the AMD
Opteron, Phenom, Phenom II, Athlon, Athlon X2, Athlon II and Older Intel
Xeon and Intel Core Architecture and Pentium CPUs."

Mine is a Phenom II 6 core 1090T.
I can't go spending a ton on a new CPU, MB, RAM, and GPU (and I'd need a
less hacked case too :)
Granted I could get an i3, cheap the MB and RAM, but I've worked so hard
for a great platform... 32GB RAM, 6 core Phenom II, HD 7780 GPU, RAID 5
on 2TB HDs, Bluray drive, Mechanical keyboard, HP laser printer,
4800x4800dpi HP scanner...
AMD is normally so good at compatibility too.
Ok, I'm over it, what is doable at this point?

> Headless boards are supported just fine and have been
> for years.  If you prefer packaged drivers, you can download the ROCm
> stack from gpuopen or the pro stack from  All stacks build on
> the same open source kernel driver and other components.
> Alex

Good to know!

[1] No offence, but AMD's gpu-pro would not allow the system to suspend
(sleep), also I'd often get a black and white set of vertical lines
through my display and the kernel would totally freeze (no sysreq). The
worst part is that it would happen totally randomly (really).

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