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1. (on Manjaro Linux) it is not enough to downgrade linux-firmware... u also
need to do a mkinitcpio... :)
2. downgrading the directory /usr/lib/firmware/amdgpu from
linux-firmware-20180119.2a713be-2 to linux-firmware-20180104.65b1c68-1 fixes
this bug...
3. linux-firmware-20180119.2a713be-1 has this bug, too...
4. downgrading only the file polaris12_uvd.bin is not enough (but it looks
slightly better)...
5. how does my box use the other new files in /usr/lib/firmware/amdgpu
(fiji_vce.bin, polaris10_uvd.bin, polaris11_uvd.bin, raven_vcn.bin,
vega10_uvd.bin, vega10_vce.bin)? i thought my box would not use these...
6. does this suffice to find the bug? or do u want me to try certain other
combinations of version 20180104 and 20180119.2a713be-2?


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