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(In reply to arne_woerner from comment #17)
> yup:
> i mean: i did not test, which one is necessary...
> so i cannot say, if all three r necessary, or if just one/two of them
> suffice...
> tomorrow i will test " amdgpu.msi=0"...
> with the stable linux-firmware package... right?
> or do u mean just "amdgpu.msi=0"?
> maybe hdmi audio works already, if amdgpu.msi is 0?

I doubt the audio parameter would affect anything in this regard, but you said
it was required for the board to work properly?  Is that the case or am I
misinterpreting you?  For audio on your board, you need to enable DC which is
only available on kernel 4.15 and newer.  You can boot with amdgpu.dc=1 to
enable DC.  The msi option may help narrow down the interrupt issue.  If it
helps, it seems MSIs are not working properly on your system after resume. 
This would probably be something outside of the driver if it's a regression.

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