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Thanks to your quick response, I got libclc compiled successfully.

Now when I try to view an image, the OpenCL compile error is different:

<unknown>:0:0: in function ResizeHorizontalFilter void (float addrspace(1)*,
i32, i32, i32, float addrspace(1)*, i32, i32, float, i32, i32, float
addrspace(1)*, float, float, float, float, float addrspace(3)*, i32, i32, i32,
<4 x float> addrspace(3)*, float addrspace(3)*, float addrspace(3)*):
unsupported call to function applyResizeFilter

I'd call that progress, certainly.

applyResizeFilter is on line 78 of the kernel, and ResizeHorizontalFilter is on
line 81.

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