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> Thanks to your quick response, I got libclc compiled successfully.
> Now when I try to view an image, the OpenCL compile error is different:
> <unknown>:0:0: in function ResizeHorizontalFilter void (float addrspace(1)*,
> i32, i32, i32, float addrspace(1)*, i32, i32, float, i32, i32, float
> addrspace(1)*, float, float, float, float, float addrspace(3)*, i32, i32,
> i32, <4 x float> addrspace(3)*, float addrspace(3)*, float addrspace(3)*):
> unsupported call to function applyResizeFilter
> I'd call that progress, certainly.
> applyResizeFilter is on line 78 of the kernel, and ResizeHorizontalFilter is
> on line 81.

that's weird. Probably a separate bug. All functions should be marked as
always_inline. moreover the function in question is explicitly marked as
The only thing I can think of is that the function signature does not match
between definition and the call site
Does imagemagick use some form of kernel cache? if yes it needs to be cleaned.

what is the GPU that you're using?
Can you run CLOVER_DEBUG=llvm,clc CLOVER_DEBUG_FILE=imagick and attach the .cl
and .ll dump files?

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