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I have a very important preliminary result: Today I tested the last amdgpu
parameters on the list, and seem to have found a set that greatly mitigates the
problem. Those parameters have given me up to 144 minutes before experiencing
the freeze, a huge record compared to the previous 90 minutes! They are:


By default, all 4 of those settings are set to 0 by the system. Setting them to
16 has, at least during one test case, reduced the problem to 1/5 of its
previous frequency. The descriptions of the variables are:

parm: prim_buf_per_se:the size of Primitive Buffer per Shader Engine (default
depending on gfx) (int)
parm: pos_buf_per_se:the size of Position Buffer per Shader Engine (default
depending on gfx) (int)
parm: cntl_sb_buf_per_se:the size of Control Sideband per Shader Engine
(default depending on gfx) (int)
parm: param_buf_per_se:the size of Off-Chip Pramater Cache per Shader Engine
(default depending on gfx) (int)

I will continue trying different values and seeing how tweaking them changes
the issue. Please let me know what you think.

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