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I just finished running the GALLIUM_HUD test, and will be taking a look at the
other options next. It was more difficult to test now since the freeze occurs
almost instantly after Xonotic loads the map (only a few seconds).

I managed to make two photos which I'll attach below: One is the last
screenshot I managed to take within the system a few seconds before it froze.
The other is a photo of my screen after the freeze has taken place, obviously
taken with my phone camera as the computer itself was bricked.

A footnote I will add, even if I don't know whether people will even believe
me: I had to take those screenshots several times because they kept getting
deleted. Whenever I booted the machine back, every screenshot of Xonotic with
this HUD was corrupted and turned into a 0 byte file... even ones that were
quickly moved to other directories precisely to avoid this, and were also taken
by an external process! Other files on my drive are fine, it's only those
screenshots... thankfully one survived and it shows all of the graphs and
parameters right before the crash. I'm legitimately crept out, as I didn't
expect a potential attack program to contain software capable of identifying
and deleting evidence of testing, which is the only explanation I can find for
what I just saw. I'll do the next tests carefully as I don't know what else may
happen to my computer.

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