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> On Wed, 11 Apr 2018, Ian W MORRISON <ianwmorri...@gmail.com> wrote:
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>>> NAK on indiscriminate Cc: stable. There are zero guarantees that older
>>> kernels will work with whatever firmware you throw at them.
>> I included 'Cc: stable' so the patch would get added to the v4.16 and
>> v4.15 kernels which I have tested with the patch. I found that earlier
>> kernels didn't support the 'linux-firmware' package required to get
>> wifi working on Intel's new Gemini Lake NUC.
> You realize that this patch should have nothing to do with wifi?

Yes. Runtime power management depends on the patch but when distros
such as Ubuntu are installed on a Intel Gemini Lake NUC as an example,
wifi/bluetooth depends on Intel Wireless-AC 9462 which in turn depends
on v4.15 as a minimum so my logic was to add the patch to 4.15 and later.

> Rodrigo, Anusha, if you think Cc: stable is appropriate, please indicate
> the specific versions of stable it is appropriate for.

Thanks you..

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