Vitaly Kuznetsov <> writes:

> Changes since v9:
> - Rebase to 4.13-rc3.
> - Drop PATCH1 as it was already taken by Greg to char-misc tree. There're no
>   functional dependencies on this patch so the series can go through a 
> different tree
>   (and it actually belongs to x86 if I got Ingo's comment right).
> - Add in missing void return type in PATCH1 [Colin King, Ingo Molnar, Greg KH]
> - A few minor fixes in what is now PATCH7: add pr_fmt, tiny style fix in
>   hyperv_flush_tlb_others() [Andy Shevchenko]
> - Fix "error: implicit declaration of function 'virt_to_phys'" in PATCH2
>   reported by kbuild test robot (#include <asm/io.h>)
> - Add Steven's 'Reviewed-by:' to PATCH9.

Thomas, Ingo, Greg,

do I get it right that the intention is to take this series through x86
tree? (See: If so,
is there anything else I need to do to get it accepted?


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