configured with:
./configure  --disable-pam --disable-syslog --disable-shadow \
             --disable-lastlog --disable-utmp --disable-utmpx \
             --disable-wtmp --disable-wtmpx --disable-loginfunc \
             --disable-pututline --disable-pututxline

For Linux:   no problems

For AIX:

I could not get dropbear run as a normal user with the generated config.h
After changes in sshpty.c I got it working for AIX, basicly it does now:

master = open ("/dev/ptc", O_RDWR | O_NOCTTY);
if (grantpt (master))   goto fail;
if (unlockpt (master))  goto fail;
slave_name = ptsname (master);
slave = open (slave_name, O_RDWR | O_NOCTTY);
if (termp) tcsetattr (slave, TCSAFLUSH, termp);
if (winp)  ioctl (slave, TIOCSWINSZ, winp);

I also disabled the pty_release function which otherwise fails changing the
ownership back to root
After this, you can run dropbear as a normal user.

For HPux:
Compiles fine, but when running dropbear and connecting to it:
-  getnameinfo() in netio.c   failed lookup: address family was not
   using NI_NUMERICHOST | NI_NUMERICSERV   so without host_lookup
-  pty error, after open on /dev/ptmx fails on grandpt  even when before
that doing a signal SIGCHLD to SiG_DFL

Unable to get it working on HPux
If someone has got dropbear working on HPux, some help will be appreciated.


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