We have java application setup as a dropwizard framework deployed on 6 
boxes with ELB managing routing of connection requests to these boxes.

WE are facing a latency issues where, ELB shows backend response times as 
high as 800 milliseconds where as the application took less than 10 
milliseconds to process the request.

We have found that the problem was not with ELB or network or backend 
database. Can someone please suggest what is going wrong with the requests.

Below is the dropwizard configuration for server


  type: default

  maxQueuedRequests: 8192

  maxThreads: 2048

  adminContextPath: /admin


    - port: 8085

      type: http

      acceptQueueSize: 8192


    - port: 8086

      type: http


      timeZone: "Asia/Calcutta"

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