Hi David,

Yes, DSpace is being used as a data repository in various places, the most 
well-known example is probably the Dryad data repository 
(https://datadryad.org) .
In terms of supporting different formats (and file sizes), that's not a 
hard limitation, but depending on how much interactive/preview type 
functionality you want, some extra development might be needed.
The other thing to think about is metadata schemas you want to use for 
items.. whether using the DSpace registry, including as additional XML, or 
If you're wanting to compare DSpace to other open source systems, another 
platform is CKAN which was designed to focus more on data / datasets.

Hope this helps!



On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 2:39:26 AM UTC+12, David Bigwood wrote:
> New U.S. grants require a stable permanent repository for data. Our 
> scientists have data sets in formats other than CSV and other commonly used 
> configurations.
> Is anyone using DSpace for this? How is it working? Any necessary add-ons? 
> Any other better suggestions?
> Thanks,
> David Bigwood
> dbigw...@hou.usra.edu
> Regional Planetary Image Facility/Library
> Lunar and Planetary Institute
> https://www.facebook.com/RPIFN/

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