Following on from the developer-meeting discussion about Jira workflow and best 
practices here are a few thoughts:- 

The default workflow can be seen here -

It does appear to be possible to customise the default workflow to add steps - 

Indeed with the Enterprise Edition you can customise it by issue type if you 
really wanted to. We could add in another step of "Received" at the beginning 
of the workflow giving us...

Received -> Open -> In_Progress -> Resolved -> Closed -> Re_Opened 

Obviously the flow for any particular issue does not have to go through all 

My understanding of these steps would be...

Received                - A new issue that has yet to be reviewed.
Open                    - Reviewed and not immediately closed. As things stand 
the issue may or may not be assigned to someone.
In_Progress             - Bit of an anomaly here. More useful to a manager 
monitoring someones work.
Resolved                - The person to whom the issue was assigned considers 
the item to be resolved eg patch created and committed.
Closed          - The person who reported the issue is satisfied that the issue 
is resolved.
Re_Opened               - Shouldn't have been closed.

I am not sure about this but I think it could be possible to change the status 
of an issue to be In_Progress when it is assigned. That would allow us to 
distinguish between those that are Open but not yet assigned, and those that 
have been assigned. On the other hand we could just ignore that step or get rid 
of it.

There also appears to be a divide currently amongst those that choose to 
resolve issues and those that close them. What I have listed above is just my 
interpretation of the workflow but I do think that all issues should ultimately 
be closed. Having said that, I am not sure its practical to expect the reporter 
to close an issue (do they even have permission to do so ?), it might need to 
be the resolver (or reviewer ?).  

On a different subject - Affects Version and Fix Version. My understanding is 
that 'Affects' is the version(s) in which the bug was discovered, 'Fix' is the 
version(s) in which it will be fixed. I have a feeling I once read this in the 
Jira docs but I could be making that up.  

Please comment. Once we settle on something I'll pester Tim to help me make any 
necessary changes and document them.

Cheers, Robin.

Robin Taylor
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University of Edinburgh
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