We're moving an existing site and I'll be managing it once we get the 
duplicate site working
I have the new site *almost* identical to the original but I'm having 
issues adding the By Type
browsing link.

I modified the dspace.cfg file to add a new webui.browse.index entry:
  webui.browse.index.1 = dateissued:item:dateissued
  webui.browse.index.2 = author:metadata:dc.contributor.*,dc.creator:text
  webui.browse.index.3 = title:item:title
  webui.browse.index.4 = subject:metadata:dc.subject.*:text
*  webui.browse.index.5 = type:metadata:dc.type:text*

And added new entries to the messages.xml file:
*        <message key="xmlui.ArtifactBrowser.Navigation.browse_type">By 

*        <message 

*        <message 
{0} by Type {1}</message>        <message 
{0} by Type</message>*

Then, (following what worked for someone else in this group with the same 
   > stopped tomcat
   $ dspace index-init
   > restarted tomcat  [no change to website]
   $ dspace update-discovery-index - b
   > [Still no change]

Almost identical
  Original: https://scholarworks.alaska.edu/
  Duplicate: http://dspace31b.library.uaf.edu:8080/xmlui

On the top page the "By Type" link doesn't exist on the duplicate site *but*, 
it DOES show up on lower pages so I'm doing something right. I haven't 
found a
configuration option that treats the home page any differently than other 
pages on
the site.

What am I missing?

Thank you.

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