*Can´t find where i must modify *

*I'm using Mirage2, with dspace6.0 under Windows 7 with the source 

*apparently, the file that I need to modify is not on the local physical 
disk, but during the compilation, it downloads it from the internet and 
transforms it into the compiled file folder ...*
*Neither do I know if it can be changed directly in the compiled files, 
which would be another solution*

*What I understand what I would have to do, is to download the theme, 
modify it locally on the computer and save it as a new theme, which I will 
use in my application.*

*The issue is that I do not know where the source files are, I think it's 
something from the DRI that I do not know where to look for them ........*

*Any ideas ???*

*Thank you very much*

El martes, 27 de febrero de 2018, 14:34:54 (UTC-3), Michael Plate escribió:
> Hi Damian, 
> Am 26.02.2018 um 23:57 schrieb Damian: 
> > 
> > I'm trying to delete (or not visualize) the search engine that appears 
> > in all communities (in the main page of the community, not in lateral 
> > navigation bar, attached image to identify) I can not find the file that 
> > generates it. can anybody help me ? Thank you very much 
> assuming you use XMLUI and Mirage2 you can modify CSS or XSL... 
> When modifying XSL, go to the Tomcat-Webroot and then 
> xmlui/themes/Mirage2/xsl/core 
> I can't find the correct place currently, but adding this 
> <xsl:template 
> match="dri:div[@id='aspect.artifactbrowser.CommunityViewer.div.community-search-browse']"/>
> at the top of navigation.xsl (after the <xsl:output indent="yes"/> ) 
> deletes the search bar there. 
> CU 
> Michael 

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