I use Java 8 as indicated in DSpace installation instruction. An I use 
Tomcat 9 because there isn't restriction in DSpace documentation on version 
of Tomcat. Why did say that problems can be with version 9 of  Tomcat? 

пятница, 14 февраля 2020 г., 18:53:29 UTC+2 пользователь Michael Plate 
> Am 14.02.20 um 10:40 schrieb Майя Збитнева: 
> > I use ubuntu 18 and tomcat 9. I couldn`t found file 
> > /etc/default/tomcat9. But I found in Internet the following 
> > recommendation: "/etc/systemd/system/tomcat.service". Is that right? 
> Don't know Ubuntu 18, sorry. 
> You might get problems anyway with tomcat9 and Java newer than Version 8 
> - you can run DSpace with Java 11, but can't install presumably. 
> CU 
> Michael 

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