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I wanted to see whether anyone had had success setting up DSpace 1.7.0 using
Maven 3.0.2. I ask because I'm attempting to put together a guide / tutorial
/ how-to for establishing a solid and streamlined workflow for maintaining
multiple development and production dspace environments (we have a grant
project where we will be hosting several institutions' dspace repositories).

To make a long story short, it seems as though installation works fine on
maven 2.2.1 but fails on 3.0.2 with the following [ERROR]:

"*Two or more projects in the reactor have the same identifier, please make
sure that <groupId>:<artifactId>:<version> is unique for each project:*(...)"

(goes on to list all dspace maven projects)

In effort to investigate the problem, I put together a google
all the dspace maven project pom.xml files as well as (manually
checking their) <groupId>:<artifactId>:<version> strings. Unfortunately (or
fortunately?) there were no duplicate project identifiers. However, after
some more searching I found that it's likely *not a problem with an actual
duplicate project identifier* as much as it is having *two pom.xml files
referencing the same maven <module/>*. There's information on the net about
possibly changing this error message so it better reflects the actual cause
of the problem (jira over at
but I couldn't find a maven specific bug report. Note, the bug would only be
about the information the error message provides; referencing the same maven
<module/> from two different pom.xml files is still a valid problem (or so
it seems) in 3.0.2

Specifically, the two pom.xml files that seem to be contributing to the
problem are the {dspace-1.7.0-src-release}/pom.xml and the
{dspace-1.7.0-src-release}/dspace/pom.xml. Both files make references to the
following project <modules/>:


This is probably a good point at which to say that I'm not terribly familiar
with maven. I'm not sure why exactly it seems to be within spec to reference
the same <module/> with two different pom.xml files within 2.2.1 but not
with 3.0.2. However, it does seem to be the source of the error I listed
above (or at least, from what I can tell). If anyone has any tips, hints,
resources, or suggestions related to getting maven 3.0.2 to play nice with
dspace (or vice-versa) please let me know!

 - Patrick E.

Patrick K. Etienne
Systems Analyst
Georgia Institute of Technology
Library & Information Center
(404) 385-8121
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