Hi, I want to config some simple custom browse indexes.
I need to show a subset of the total researchers filtered by a researcher
field I previously configured and filled in all researchers.
This field in my case is "university".

So, in dspace.cfg I added this:

webui.browse.index.10 = rpnametest:crisrptest:rpname
browse.solr.bi_crisrptest.filter = search.resourcetype:9 and
webui.itemlist.rpnametest.columns = crisrp.fullName(cristitle)

rpname sort option is the one that comes by default in dspace-cris
webui.itemlist.sort-option.4 = rpname:crisrp.fullName:title

When I go to the browse index rpnametest all seems ok, the total of
researchers matched is correct and they appeard sorted by his fullname wich
is also correct.

The problem is when you click in the next result page, the total matches
changes to all researchers. Seems that that forget the filter applied for
some reason.

As default sort filter rpname was done for sort all researchers (not a
subset I mean) I suspect that this could be the problem so I set a new sort

webui.browse.index.10 = rpnametest:crisrptest:rpnametest
webui.itemlist.sort-option.9 = rpnametest:crisrp.fullName:title
browse.solr.bi_crisrptest.filter = search.resourcetype:9 and
webui.itemlist.rpnametest.columns = crisrp.fullName(cristitle)

and with this configuration the total matched researchers is ok, the
pagination works also ok, but they are not sorted alphabetically :(.

I tried to reindex solr but doesn't fix the problem.

In solr log I can see that with the first configuration it tries to sort by
bi_sort_4_sort and with the second one tries with bi_sort_9_sort. That's
really a problem because bi_sort_4_sort field exist and works good with
default researcher browse index but bi_sort_9_sort doesn't exists in solr so
cannot sort. Why is solr not creating that field?

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