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On 23/07/15 01:37, Anthony Petryk wrote:
DSpace 4.3.   We’re getting an error when trying to run dspace stats-util –br: “Document is missing mandatory uniqueKey field: uid”.  We want to run this command specifically to remove stats for deleted bitstreams (-r option).


This sounds like the same root problem as DS-2212, which is fixed in version 5.2.  But I just wanted to check: is there any way to get this to work without upgrading?

You're actually running into https://jira.duraspace.org/browse/DS-2489. If I remember correctly then you may be able to fix this by applying this small change to the solrconfig.xml for the statistics core: https://github.com/DSpace/DSpace/commit/b07707874a489b4d5238c87d04d2be1b28ece447

However, chances are that you'll then just run into further issues such as DS-2212.

If you're only after removing deleted bitstreams, try leaving out the "b" flag ("Reindex the bitstreams to ensure we have the bundle name"). Re-indexing will hit the uid bug (and probably the _version_ one too); deleting (-r only) shouldn't have the same issue since it won't try adding documents to the solr index.


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