Hi all,

Is it currently possible, using the dspace5 rest api, to access the
items/collections/communities using handles rather than internal-ids?

I can see a workaround for items - first find-by-metadata-field. But that
seems bit cumbersome. Handles or some other PIDs are already used to
reference items*, collections, etc.  and they are "guaranteed" not to

*imagine you want to have on your personal homepage, together with PID,
some other metadata for the submission.
imagine you are using dc.relation.* (with PIDs as value) to link some of
the submissions together and are creating a visualization of the relations.

It's doable for items but there always will be at least two requests for
each, or am I missing some other way?


PS: Is it possible to have wildcards in metadataEntries? Both - keys and
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