Hi all,

We are trying to configure DSpace 5.1 to use our proxy server.  I've
configured the following in dpace.cfg:

# If enabled, the logging and the solr statistics system will look for
# an X-Forward header. If it finds it, it will use this for the user IP
useProxies = true

#### Proxy Settings ######
# uncomment and specify both properties if proxy server required
# proxy server for external http requests - use regular hostname without
port number
http.proxy.host = xxxxxx.xxxxx.xxx

# port number of proxy server
http.proxy.port = xxxx

... But our server admin is telling me traffic is still hitting local FW
and not the proxy (specifically google analytics).  Is there something else
in dpace that needs proxy configuration?

I added these configuration parameters after the build/install.  Is that
the issue?

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