DSpace v5.2, JSPUI.

I've been trying to change the Date Issued side bar facet to be a Funder side 
bar facet, but I haven't been able to get it working. I was successfully able 
to change the Date Issued facet to use Date Accessioned (so I've been doing 
something right!), but I've not been able to get the Funder facet working - I'm 
hoping someone can point out where I'm going wrong :-)

In /usr/local/dspace/config/spring/api/discovery.xml:

I updated the homepageConfiguration bean to reference a new search filter for 

    <!--The Homepage specific configuration settings for discovery-->
    <bean id="homepageConfiguration" 
        <!--Which sidebar facets are to be displayed (same as 
defaultConfiguration above)-->
        <property name="sidebarFacets">
                <ref bean="searchFilterAuthor" />
                <ref bean="searchFilterSubject" />
                <ref bean="searchFilterFunder" />

- and defined the new searchFilterFunder bean (as a Search Filter/Facet using 
the class DiscoverySearchFilterFacet):

   <!-- New bean for contributor.other/othernew (Funder) Search filter - MW: 
27/7/15 -->
    <bean id="searchFilterFunder" 
        <property name="indexFieldName" value="funder"/>
        <property name="metadataFields">
                <value>dc.contributor.other </value>
            <!--    <value>dc.contributor.othernew </value> -->
        <property name="facetLimit" value="10"/>
        <property name="sortOrder" value="COUNT"/>

- and created a sort property bean for Funder:

    <!-- New bean for contributor.other (Funder) Sort properties - MW 27/7/15 
    <bean id="sortFunder" 
        <property name="metadataField" value="dc.contributor.other"/>

- which I referenced in the homepage "searchSortConfiguration":

        <!--The sort filters for the discovery search (same as 
defaultConfiguration above)-->
        <property name="searchSortConfiguration">
                <!--<property name="defaultSort" ref="sortDateIssued"/>-->
                <!--DefaultSortOrder can either be desc or asc (desc is 
                <property name="defaultSortOrder" value="desc"/>
                <property name="sortFields">
                        <ref bean="sortTitle" />
                        <ref bean="sortFunder" />

But after restarting Tomcat and rebuilding the discovery indices (with 
/usr/local/dspace/bin/dspace index-discovery -b), the homepage loads, but only 
displays the facets for Author and Subject - the Date Issued facet is no longer 
displayed as expected, but nothing appears in its place (just white space) :-(

I've been following the instructions at 
https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/DSDOC5x/Discovery but no joy so far. These 
instructions also suggest that I should be using the class 
"org.dspace.discovery.configuration.SidebarFacetConfiguration" for the Search 
Filter bean, but I tried that and it generated an error at startup (plus this 
class isn't listed in the summary of classes on that page that lists the 
classes found in the discovery.xml file, so I'm left a little confused).

As an aside, I've also set up a Search Index and a Browse filter for Funder in 
dspace.cfg which seem to be working:

        search.index.3 = funder:dc.contributor.other
        webui.browse.index.4 = funder:metadata:dc.contributor.other:text

I'm obviously doing something wrong or have missed something trying to create 
this sidebar facet, so if anyone has any insights or suggestions they would be 
very welcome :-).

Thanks in advance,


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