You can't draw too many conclusions from experience with one repeater.  On the 
reflectors, you will notice that some repeaters have quite a bit of R2D2 and 
some have very few signals with R2D2. Fine tuning a repeater to maximize HT 
performance is more difficult on DV because you can't hear and easily identify 
the sources of problems.  Site noise, intermod, and signals on the input from 
out of area users combined with the possibility of a bad cable or connector all 
could result in poor weak signal performance.  It takes time to identify and 
correct these problems. 

Your experience with "noisy" DV inside the house on an HT on two meters is not 
uncommon.  You might have better luck on UHF.  There seem to be a lot of noise 
generators in the two meter spectrum in the average home.  DV is degraded by 
interference as well as weak signals. If you are getting into the repeater 
better than you are hearing it, you may have local QRM.  Take a listen in FM 
mode on the repeater output and see what you hear. It's possible you could turn 
off an appliance and get rid of the noise. Computers, cable and satellite TV 
boxes are known suspects.


--- In, AB8XA <ab...@...> wrote:
> I've been into D-Star almost a week, so take this for what it's worth.
>  From my house (949'ASL), W8BI (957' + ? tower ASL) is 7.7 miles on a  
> heading of about 344ยบ true.  On the line from my house toward W8BI,  
> the terrain rises steadily to about 1,020' ASL within a mile, then  
> drops back down.
> With the IC-91AD and rubber ducky, I can get into W8BI with DV  
> reliably from my front (north) yard.  In the living room on the north  
> side of the house, I am reliably copyable if sitting up to the window,  
> but if I lean back away from the window, I'm reported to turn into  
> mostly R2D2.  Strange.

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