ICF files really only make sense in a local area. The best place to get local icf files is by talking to local D-STAR users.

You can see how to extract the data from a 91AD ICF here 

The 880 and 80 are, to my knowledge, the only mutually compatible file format.

However, since the 880/80 software has cut and paste, you can take the csv generated from the 91AD ICF (documented on my blog, URL above) and open it in a spreadsheet and cut and paste columns into the 80AD program.

On Aug 19, 2010, at 9:48 AM, n2gyn wrote:

Can a Icom 91AD ICF file be used with a 80AD file?
Are the Icom ICF file compatible?
Also is their a website that people post there ICF files?



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